W3T: The Waikato Web Team

The Web Team services the University, the Waikato Web Site, and the people who contribute to the University Web site. We provide Internet systems, administration of the current site, as well as consulting and support within the University.

Web Authors Toolkit

There are several things a Web Author needs to know before they can publish on the University Web site. The Web Authors Toolkit introduces topics ranging from Web templates to hosting conditions

Useful Utilities

If something has to be done twice or by two people, we will probably have some Useful Utilities for the job.


The World Wide Web is awash with information. The Reference section contains guidelines specific to Waikato University and reference material.

The University web guides contain support for editing and styling University webpages and are a joint effort by the Web and Digital Content teams.


Within the Services section there is broad information about the contribution of the WebTeam to the University and a list of what we can do for you.

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