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Authoring Guidelines and Best Practices

The following guidelines have been written to support web development and authoring practices around campus.
See also: General Web Resources

- restricted-access document. You may be challenged for username/password

Go-Words Service
The Go-words service is intended to provide a short-cut for a longer web address. A Go-word is intended to assist users to remember the URL so they can type it into their web browser easily and quickly.
UOW Web Colour Palette
Sample renderings, colour code and description of colours defined in the current Waikato css stylesheet.
Search Engines and Meta Data
An introduction to Meta Data use, how search engines index and rank pages, and how the University of Waikato search engine crawls our site.
See also: Search Engine Stop-Words and Search-Engine Exclusion
Facebook Page Tabs
How to create Facebook page tabs which allow custom content to be displayed inside Facebook pages.
Campus-Only Web Restrictions
An outline of the options available for securing web content for campus-only or staff-only access.
Text-Only & Printable Page Versioning
A Discussion of the implementation of print and text only versions of web pages within the templates.
Requests for Permission to Link to UOW
Discussion about requests we get from people seeking permission to link to our site.
Connecting to the Web servers
From a Mac Using Mac OS X and From a Linux client using smbmount.
Using Catalogue of Papers include files
How to use the Catalogue of Papers include files to display paper details.
Using the UOW Form-Handler restricted access
The UOW Form handler (formcrunch) is used to collate information submitted through an HTML form and email the results for further processing.
Images removed from the website restricted access
An index of images that can no longer be used on the University of Waikato website. The people in the pictures have requested that their image not be used.
PHP Best Practices restricted access
A best practice guide intended for experienced web developers, to help them establish good php programming techniques.
Changes for PHP Developers restricted access
An overview of the changes to the PHP development environment.