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Common Image Library

The following common page element images are made available to be freely used in UOW branded websites. These images should NOT be copied to other locations, instead you should use the URL given beside each image to use that image in your own webpage.

Top Banner Components:

<img src='/images/coa_red.gif' alt='crest'>

<img src='/images/nav_end_top_red.gif' alt=''>

<img src='/images/nav_end_bot_grey.gif' alt=''>

<img src='/images/nav_end_bot_red.gif' alt=''>

<img src='/images/coa-red-banner.gif' alt=''>

<img src='/images/pop-up.gif' alt=''>

Navigation and Form Components:

<img src='/images/crumbs_start.gif' alt=''>

<img src='/images/nav_go.gif' alt='Go'>

<img src='/images/eop.gif' alt='End'>

<img src='/images/otp2.gif' alt='On This Page'>

<img src='/images/btt.gif' alt='Top'>

<img src='/images/top.gif' alt='Top'>

<img src='/images/next.gif' alt='Next'>

<img src='/images/back.gif' alt='Back'>

<img src='/images/close.gif' alt='Close'>

<img src='/images/iWaikato2.gif' alt='iWaikato'>

<img src='/images/iWaikato.gif' alt='iWaikato'>

Contact Icons:

<img src='/images/phone.gif' alt='Phone'>

<img src='/images/phone2.gif' alt='Phone'>

<img src='/images/email.gif' alt='Email'>

<img src='/images/email2.gif' alt='Email'>

<img src='/images/post.gif' alt='Post'>

<img src='/images/post2.gif' alt='Post'>

<img src='/images/fax.gif' alt='Fax'>

<img src='/images/fax2.gif' alt='Fax'>

General Icons:

<img src='/images/book.gif' alt='Book'>

<img src='/images/book2.gif' alt='Book'>

<img src='/images/check.gif' alt='Checked' >

<img src='/images/check2.gif' alt='Checked'>

<img src='/images/dollar.gif' alt='Money'>

<img src='/images/dollar2.gif' alt='Money'>

<img src='/images/exclamation.gif' alt='Alert'>

<img src='/images/exclamation2.gif' alt='Alert'>

<img src='/images/house.gif' alt='House'>

<img src='/images/house2.gif' alt='House'>

<img src='/images/calendar.gif' alt='Calendar'>

<img src='/images/calendar2.gif' alt='Calendar'>

<img src='/images/iWaikato.gif' alt='iWaikato'>

<img src='/images/iWaikato2.gif' alt='iWaikato'>