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General Web Resources

The following resources have been written to support general web development.
There are also Authoring Guidelines and Best Practices specific to the Waikato website.

HTTP Codes
A list of all the HTTP status codes and standard associated phrases, intended to give a short textual description of the status.
HTML Validation
Why should you use an HTML validator.
Escaping from Frames
How to ensure that other web sites cannot display your page inside their framesets
'Web-Safe' Colour Chart
Table of colors 'generally' suitable for use on any 256 color display (Mac or PC)
Creating Accessible Forms
Tips for creating accessible forms that are easier to use and complete.
XSSI Scripting Introduction
A introduction to Apache Extended Server-Side Include technology currently in use on ITS managed web servers
Macron/UTF Browser Support
To test browser capabilities when it comes to presentation of the UTF character set and other named entities.
Character-set use in Web Content
A Discussion about use of character-set declarations for web content, client support for recognition of them, and reccomendations for implementation
Web Related Mailing-Lists and Newsgroups
ITS Web Server - Webshares, migrations etc ...
A very basic overview of how to connect to the ITS WebServers; create and edit content; and migrate files from the test to live server.