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W3T: Core Functions

The core functions provides a broad overview of the WebTeam as a business unit. Outlined below is an integrated programme of five functions that, when combined, will provide administration of the current site, interpersonal and organisational support, innovation, problem solving and ongoing development.

Site Management and Administration

Site management includes the planning, enabling, review and alignment of University web operations. Projects are organized, standards and policy prepared, behavior monitored and output aligned to institutional objectives. Site administration includes the control and development of the content and application environment on the web servers.

Areas of activity include:

  • Policy, procedure and direction
  • Planning and enabling development
  • Auditing and assurance of practise and policy adherence
  • Analysis and benchmarking of site and performance

Benefits to the University include:

  • Activities resemble a coherent, institutional approach.
  • Web systems and server environment are available to University contributors

Consultation and Support

We are working with a community web site. The community is a complex one of stakeholders, users and contributors - each group deserving unique attention. In order to function within this community, contribute to their outputs, and ultimately provide a web service befitting this community - we need to interact with them in a professional capacity.

Areas of activity include:

  • Contribute to training programme and provide follow through support
  • Professional relationships with Special Interest Groups and department specialists
  • Promoting and informing UoW on web technology and its application
  • Championing 'Best Practise'
  • Advice and recommend on local strategy and resource requirements

Benefits to the University include:

  • A holistic approach to what is a socio-technical system with social and technological problems
  • A user centred, and market orientation of web operations
  • A unified web site that not just looks, but behaves like a University site

Research and Investigation

It is a requirement of any profession to maintain performance at today's standards but our profession demands that we are ready for tomorrow's innovation. Currently this activity depends too heavily on personal commitment of time and attention. This function aims to correct that with formal recognition of research and investigation as a professional practice to be expected from this business unit. This research and investigation programme aims to maintain a position close to the leading edge without the risk or expense of following cutting edge technology and concepts.

Areas of activity include:

  • Staying with the technology and conceptual curve
  • Risky projects and experimental prototypes
  • Situational analysis, review of external activities

Benefits to the University include:

  • Job enrichment for web team and distributed staff engaged in web activities.
  • An informed Internet operation that functions within a broad context
  • Reduces insular reactions to internal problems
  • Provides a greater scope for solutions.

Site Maintenance and Problem Recovery

Things break, people have problems and past work needs to be updated. This is a burden of any operation but a service that needs to exist. In a limited capacity we recognise the informal support we already provide for University contributors who strike problems while attempting web work. There is also the issue of legacy developments that need continued support and updating.

Areas of activity include:

  • Proactive review of Web resources and completion of maintenance
  • Development of tools and reports to ease the maintenance burden
  • Quick remedial action
  • Appropriate delegation of responsibility to distributed developers & authors

Benefits to the University include:

  • Support for frontline problem response of Help desk & distributed web administrators
  • Removal and clean up of redundant material
  • Improved currency and validity of web resources
  • Reduction in errors and managed recovery of mistakes

Site Development - Projects

Advancement of the Waikato site is achieved by a series of development projects. Isolating site development as a core function acknowledges the significance of project work and the importance of undertaking both project and operational activities.

The WebTeam is not resourced to undertake all web responsibilities on behalf of everyone. To help contribute as much as possible, we take a participative approach to development projects. What this means is that we partner with clients and contractors, collaborating at various key stages of the project lifecycle - contributing where it matters most.

We do undertake a number of projects for the benefit of the University. Because of our limited resources and the high demand for web work, we differentiate between different types of development projects, handling each kind differently. Some examples of project work we undertake are those projects related to the replacement of the Web servers, or projects to deliver central corporate services and information such as The University Calendar.

Contact us to find out what sort of project you have in mind and how we can assist.