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Overview of WebTeam Services

Generally there are a few different categories of service-activity which we undertake either at your request or as we consider is necessary. In a nutshell, we build stuff, look after it all, fix it when it is broken, and help others with all of this. We also find some time to maintain pace with the changing face of Web technology.

Design and development

The WebTeam designs and develops Web sites and systems. We create static sites as well as dynamic systems using server-side CGI programming, typically with Perl or PHP.

Server and site administration

Running the Web server and administering the Web resources that make up the Web site is a partnered responsibility between ITS Systems and Development (SAD) and the WebTeam. SAD install and administer the hardware, operating system and core services such as the Apache Web server. WebTeam install and administer additional services, Web-systems and content resources that are hosted on the Web server. The WebTeam routinely conducts basic housekeeping duties, monitors the server performance reports, administers user accounts, sets file permissions, log reports, resource back-ups, and archiving.

System and site maintenance

Site & system improvements including:

  • Server upgrades
  • Additional features & functions
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Searchability

Site & system decommissioning tasks including archive and removal of an existing system.

Problem response and recovery

The WebTeam is available to deal with a range of issues and problems. Problems that appear to be a web issue sometimes require the involvement of other ITS staff. Where possible, we route these enquiries through the ITS Helpdesk because the Helpdesk is able to divert the enquiry to the most appropriate role within ITS.  

Professional Support

The WebTeam provides peer support for University Web developers & authors. Examples of support activities include the following

  • Review and direction for Script & System development
  • Testing and validation of Web resources
  • One-on-one or group training and demonstrations
  • Formulating University Web related training
  • As a contributing ITS Business Unit in the ITS Intern Programme

University Consultation

The WebTeam consults with University stakeholders to identify business needs and provide project direction. These activities are typically undertaken as requested by University clients or initiated during the course of of our regular activities.

Web Technology-Management & Review

The Web started as a system of hypertext files in the early 90's. It has now grown to an expanse of technologies, systems and vendors that constantly change and evolve. The diagram below illustrates the framework of technologies which we review, trial and use in production systems.

Figure 1. Web Application and Content Hosting and Delivery Technologies

Web Application and Content Hosting and Delivery Technologies