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Web Authors' Toolkit

The Web Authors' Toolkit provides an overview of where to get started and what to do.

Before You Start

Before starting to author content for the Web site it is important to check responsibilities. The University Web site is a large system of Web sites maintained by dozens of staff from different areas.

You might be one of the many people responsible for your areas' Web site. It is also possible that someone else is already responsible for the content you want to create or change. The Webmaster can help find out who does what, advising you where to get started.

You will need access to the ITS Test Web server and can get that by completing a User Access Request. Webmaster will provide access and will advise you of who is responsible for migrating content to the Live Web server.

You need to know about the ITS Hosting Conditions. They explain many of the technical constraints, Web responsibilities and expected behaviour of University Web Authors and Developers.

The Professional & Organisational Development Unit provide staff professional development to University staff.

Tools & Technology

In theory, all it takes is a text editor to publish content or develop an Internet system. However, Best Practice involves the use of a range of tools and technologies.

The University has licences for WYSWIG authoring software, content management tools, and the WebTeam can provide a range of Useful Utilities to help with Web development tasks.

Contact your University Computer Consultant to have software programs installed. Contact the WebTeam to learn more about the Useful Utilities and other technologies that are available for use.

Routine Duties

Creating new content is only part of the responsibilities of a Web author. There are other tasks which need to be performed on a routine basis to keep any Web page or Web site alive. The following list are the WebTeam's Top 5:

  1. Responding to email from Web site users.
  2. Fixing the dreaded 404 errors caused by broken links and deleted files.
  3. Improving ease-of-use, specifically findability and readability.
  4. Analysing Log Reports.
  5. Reviewing and updating existing content and metadata.

Support Services

The WebTeam provides a range of services and reference material to support anyone that is authoring content or developing Internet Systems for the University. Email Webmaster or contact WebTeam as early as possible to advise us of your plans or to request our assistance.

To find out more about what we do, or enquire about how we can help with your particular circumstances - email the Webmaster.