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Useful Utilities

We put technology to good use, automating repetitive tasks or providing online services to support people in their work. A number of useful utilities and various solution demonstrations are explained below. If you have an idea that could be prototyped or have a task that could be automated - let us know.


404 Error Reports
This report lists any broken links found within Web sites that point to non-existent pages on the site or on other known Waikato websites. These reports are generated daily using the results of the search engine crawl of the Waikato Web site.
Browser Info
A script that checks and displays the User Agent Properties of your Web browser.
This script sets persistent customisation options such as 'text-only' for UoW templated pages on the ITS Web Servers.
Image Crawler
This script creates a user-friendly index of image files in stored in the local directory.
An additional component of the W3C Validator which checks links in a specified page. It will advise of links to redirected pages which should be updated but will only work on non-secured pages. The 'Checklink' hyperlink in the footer of UoW templated pages on the ITS Test Server link to this service.
Macron/UTF Browser Support
Testing of browser capabilities for presenting the UTF character set and other named entities.
MetaGeta: Single File
This script will fetch a page based on the entered URL, parsing it for any META data tags.
MetaGeta: Site-wide
This is an alternative command-line version of the MetaGeta script to report on the metadata of a whole Web site (see: Sample Report). It is run by the Webmaster, upon request.
Spell Checker
An online CGI spell checker which is a wrapper around a local command-line install of ASpell which has a language specific dictionary and a custom one we can add to over time.
Text Scrubber
Converts invalid MS codepage characters (such as em/endash and smart-quotes) into their plain-text equivalents and echoed back in the form.
A local installation of the W3C Validator for checking that Web pages are valid HTML. The 'Validate' hyperlink in the footer of UoW templated pages on the ITS Test Server link to this service.
XApperator is a Perl based open source MVC-like lightweight application controller framework which uses XML to store application's configuration, functionality availability, behaviour and UI messages, uses XSLT to transform simple application XML data structures into vanilla web interfaces for editing and administration
Queries a log of keywords people have searched for against various database backed applications and search facilities and displays popular, successful and/or unsuccessful searches over time (Staff and Students access only)


This page demonstrates how to make asynchronous CGI requests from the browser and display returned results while avoiding a full page refresh.
CAPTCHA: proof of humanity
CAPTCHA is a simple verification system made up of the captcha image and the code that generates it, a form field into which the code one sees in the captcha image must be inserted, and separate server-side code which checks that the code inserted manually into the field was correct.
Fetches a web page and presents table layouts in a visual form
Inline WYSIWIG HTML Editor
A WYSIWG HTML Editor which is embedded in a Web page.
Feedback Widgets
A range of widgets for embedding in Web pages to solicit immediate feedback from users: Comment Engine, Footer Feedback Widget, Online Opinion.
Unicode encoding
Demonstrates effect of encoding declarations and methods